This Weekend In Columbia, We Should All Channel Our Inner "Crazy Georgia Fan"

This Weekend In Columbia, We Should All Channel Our Inner "Crazy Georgia Fan"


This Weekend In Columbia, We Should All Channel Our Inner "Crazy Georgia Fan"

As another incredible season with the Dawgs is underway, we here at UGA Wire want to take a moment to acknowledge what helps make a sunny day in Sanford Stadium so memorable, the fans.

These unique individuals who truly bleed red and black give their time, money, and energy to make sure those on the field know that Dawg Nation has their backs.

Over the years, people have come out with jerseys, hats, tattoos and even bulldogs, showing that Dawg Nation is the best nation.

But the one of the few people who can embody it all is “Crazy Georgia Fan,” Clark Hurst.

Coming up on it’s 8th anniversary, Hurst showed up to the Georgia vs. South Carolina game with his UGA Pain Line buddies in all white body paint. Before sporting his red and black gear, a reporter caught up with him and Hurst did not hold back in expressing his excitement for Georgia to own the competition.

“His visor is going to come straight off during the kick off,” Hurst growled, referring to legendary Florida turned South Carolina Couch Steve Spurrier’s tendency to throw his visor off in anger.

Hurst’s enthusiasm was later rewarded that day with Georgia showing once again who’s top dawg by beating USC 41-37, following a pass breakup in the end zone by UGA great Rennie Curran.

Hurst has time and time again showed his dedication to Georgia, going on to drive a moped from Athens to Pasadena to watch Georgia square off with Oklahoma for the Rose Bowl.

Unfortunately, Hurst did not complete the trek via scooter. He was forced to ditch his moped in New Mexico and hitch hike his way to Tucson, Arizona, where one very kind UGA fan offered to pay for his plane ticket to LAX International Airport.

As Georgia prepares to leave the comforts of Sanford Stadium for the hostile environment of Williams-Brice Stadium, we hope fans will take a page out of Hurst’s bible and find their own “Crazy Georgia Fan.”

Georgia takes on South Carolina in Columbia this Saturday at 3:30 p.m. ET. Catch the game on CBS.

Go Dawgs.


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